Scientific information

The Workshop "Recent developments in low dimensional charge density wave conductors" held in Skradin, Croatia from June 29th to July 3rd 2006. represents a timely event to stimulate further developments in the physics of quasi one- and two-dimensional conductors with broken symmetry ground states where experimental and theoretical physicists could meet in order to reach a better understanding of the static and dynamic properties of these systems.
It is organised within the framework of ECO-NET programme "Study of charge density wave defects in low dimensional electronic crystals" of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs with strong support of Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and Institute of Physics Zagreb, Croatia. The Workshop invites all scientists involved in studies of low dimensional electronic crystals, charge/spin density waves, Wigner crystals etc. to participate. There will be no registration fee, and the participants outside the ECO-NET programme are expected to cover travel and accomodation expenses.

This Workshop pursues the goals already developed during the year 2005 of the ECONET Project and follows the well-established series of ECRYS (Electronic Crystals in Solids) Workshops, addressing mainly the topic of charge density waves (CDW)It will be based on a series of plenary lectures covering different aspects of CDWs, complemented by short oral contributions, preferably from young researchers, and poster sessions. We hope that the schedule will leave enough time for dicussions and informal round tables on hot topics, with a strong participation of young researchers. We would like to note that year 2006 marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of sliding charge density waves.