The Workshop will take place in the village of Skradin, situated on the river Krka estuary. It is 18 kmfrom the nearest city of Šibenik and 60 km from the airport of Split, at the "Skradin" exit of the A1 higway Zagreb-Split.

We will organize transport to Skradin for the group arriving from Moscow to Zagreb on Wednesday, June 28th at 14h45. For all participants arriving at the Split airport on Thursday, June 29th, group transport to Skradin will be organized according to their flight schedule. On Monday, July 3rd, organized transport to Split airport will be available as well.

If you have difficulty upon arrival, you can call:

Katica Biljaković mobile: (+385) (0)98 91 396 72

Damir Starešinić mobile: (+385) (0)98 47 21 76

Hotel: (+385) (0) 22 77 17 71

Skradin is a small town in the coastal region of Croatia. It is located on the right bank of the river Krka, about 20 km from the Adriatic sea, in the touristic region of Šibenik , which is 16 km away.

Maps of Croatia, Šibenik region, Skradin and Skradin center with Workshop sites are at the end of the page.

By car

The Skradin interchange is on the highway A1 Zagreb-Split, 310 km (about 3 hours) from Zagreb. For driving directions we suggest this link.

For all other means of trasport, participants should reach Šibenik, from which minibus transfers can be easily organised. Depending on the number of interested participants, bus transfers from Split and Zagreb could be organized as well.

By bus

Šibenik can be reached directly by international bus lines from several destinations in France, Germany and Switzerland.

By train

There is an overnight train from Zagreb to Šibenik (Zagreb departure 22:57, Šibenik arrival 06:28; Šibenik departure 22:50, Zagreb arrival 6:29). For more information on train schedules we suggest this link.

By plane

Nearest airports are Split airport (45 km) and Zadar airport (50 km). Zadar airport accomodates flights from Zagreb only, while Split airport accomodates flights from Zagreb as well as from several european cities like Bonn, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Prague, Rome and Wien.

Zagreb airport, central international airport in Croatia, is about 300 km away.

About Skradin

Skradin is a small town located on the right bank of the river Krka and 16 km away from the city of Šibenik. Here guests can enjoy swimming in the river Krka as well as at the mouth of the river which flows into the sea. Skradin is known for its variety in seafood including fish and seashells as the town´s inhabitants have a long fishing tradition. Skradin´s many restaurants and taverns offer a wide variety of delicacies and each guest will be sure to try some of the specialties Dalmatian cuisine has to offer.
Skradin, being close to the Krka National Park, has become a point of transit for cycling and walks through its untouched nature as well as its beautiful view of the Krka waterfalls. The most beautiful waterfall on the river is Skradinski Buk (37.5m). Skradin is the starting point for ships transporting the visitors of Krka National Park.
In prehistorical times this once Illyrian town was called Scardona, and later on it became a roman municipality of which the ruins of its buildings and waterworks can be seen today as well as epigraphical monuments. Throughout the centuries Skradin has been demolished many times as a result of fighting between feudalists and yet it was always rejuvenated by new settlers. The remains of a Venetian tower and its surrounding walls as well as a Turkish fortress which was built later on both overlook the town of Skradin. During the era of national rule a preroman church was built in which stone fragments with woven motifs were used for decoration. The renaissance painter Juraj Culinovic and well-known organ maker Petar Nakic-Nakini were both born in Skradin.
Krka river forms in limestone a narrow and deep canyon, flowing over travertine barriers and forming waterfalls. In the lower part of the course is the Between Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap is Visovac Lake with an islet on which there is a Franciscan monastery with a small church.The National Park may be reached from Skradin by boat, or by car to the entrance of Lozovac. From Lozovac buses take visitors to Skradinski Buk.
On the first Saturday in August Skradin hosts a gathering of the Dalmatian harmony-singing groups. The Nativity of the Virgin Mary (8th September) and the St. Jerome's Day (30th of September), commemorating the patron saint of Skradin, represent special festivities.